Band [English]

Founded by Flo and Stefan, who began jamming and writing songs in late 2013, Hereditary were completed as a band when Jesco, Fluch and Marcel joined them one by one until july 2014. Those 5 musicians are all from Bonn, Germany, and despite their different musical backgrounds they have all been a part of the local heavy music scene for years. Jesco and Flo formerly played the guitar for Burning At Both Ends (Metal, Bonn), Stefan was the drummer of Reasons For Eternity (Melodic Death, Bonn), Fluch is still active as the vocalist of Abyss Within (Death Metal, Bergisch Gladbach) and Marcel played the bass for Infected (Melodic Death/Thrash, Sinzig) and Of Broken Blades (Post Core, Trier).

Throughout this one year of intense work and fun together they have not just connected on a musical level but have become actual friends and enjoy hanging out together. Consistently, Hereditary is a collaborative project: Most of the more recent songs were not written by one person, instead they are products of jamming and arranging ideas during long rehearsal sessions.

Hereditary produced their first record Angel of Decay completely D.I.Y. and released it on 1. august 2015 both for free download and as a physical record. The band represents a type of Death Metal with a discreet Swedish sound, and they cannot entirely hide certain melodic ambitions. So far, they have not found a label yet and only a very limited number of physical copies of Angel of Decay are available.